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We proudly source a wide variety of our selections from local Pennsylvania farmers, makers, bakers, brewers, and more. We continue to add to our lists of growing local purveyors and showcase everything our beautiful state has to offer.

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Monday – Saturday8 am – 8 pm
Sunday9 am – 6 pm

From Our Shelf To Yours

We handpick our products from local farms and retailers, ensuring a balanced mix of locally-grown produce, prepared foods, and kitchen staples.

Fresh Produce

Our fruits and veggies are fresh, flavorful and sourced from local farmers and growers.

Fresh Coffee

Roasted locally, brewed fresh. Get your day going the Millvale way.

Quality Goods

Pantry staples and cold or frozen foods, locally sourced and affordable for every Millvale resident.

Prepared Foods

Salads, soups, meals, sandwiches, and more, always featuring locally-sourced ingredients.

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Millvale, PA

We stand proudly as the first neighborhood grocer in decades, providing fresh food access for our community and raising nutrition and public health standards for all. Connecting you with local farms & vendors to bolster our economy, and create sustainable, resilient communities from within.

For Millvale,
With Love

Founded by proud Pittsburgh natives, we’re here to inspire conversations, share stories, and create connections. It’s important to us that we’re allies to our entire community, from the Allegheny and beyond.

Derek Dumont

Derek Dumont

Pittsburgh native Derek Dumont has been working in local food since 2013 and is our Retail Director. Most recently, he developed and curated the grocery selection of a local food delivery service by working directly with over 100 local farmers and food producers. While living in New Orleans, he helped to upstart a neighborhood market akin to the concept of the Millvale Market. His well-established relationships with local producers in the Pittsburgh area will serve as the backbone of our grocery initiative. Derek’s experience in multiple retail formats and management of service-oriented businesses will be aptly applied to the creation, curation, and operation of the Millvale Market, as a whole.

Jen Saffron

Derek Dumont

Jen Saffron is the owner and operator of Sprezzatura, a thriving Millvale catering kitchen, cafe, and event space. Since 2015, Saffron has been working in the Millvale community, working closely with New Sun Rising, the Millvale Community Library, the Gardens of Millvale, Northern Area Boys and Girls Club, and Tupelo Honey Teas among others to help initiate new food businesses and foodways in Millvale. Jen has supported community efforts such as the redevelopment of the former Moose Lodge, thousands of meals for COVID-relief, and general events such as Pride Millvale and the Millvale Music Festival. Her professional history includes a longstanding history of community organizing and leadership of transitional communities both in Pittsburgh and abroad.

For Millvale,
With Love

Established by prominent Pittsburgh food purveyors, we inspire conversations, share stories, and create connections. It’s important to us that we’re allies to our entire community, from our small borough and beyond.

By shopping at Millvale Market, you’re helping to build a more resilient community. With every purchase, you’re supporting local businesses, farms, and your neighbors. Plus, you’re enjoying the fruits of fair-wage jobs that we provide for residents.

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